Spring Testing Dates

The testing dates for this Spring are listed below by grade and subject.  

Testing will take place in grades 3,4,5,6,7,8, 10 and 11.

It is very important that all students are in attendance on the days they are scheduled for testing.  

Please make every effort to adjust scheduling for Dr. appointments, vacations, or other times of absence around these dates.



3rd Grade Math

Math Classroom Activity

May 26

Math Online Test

May 20, 8:30-11:00

Math Performance Task

May 27, 8:30-10:00



6th Grade Math

Math Classroom Activity

May 26

Math Online Test

May 20, 8:30-11:00

Math Performance Task

May 27, 8:30-10:00


Protect MI Child

Inland Lakes Schools is participating in a free program to ensure adult advertisements do not reach our emails.  We have registered ALL inlandlakes.org emails with Protect MI Child.  We encourage families to participate with this program as well.  This FREE program is available at www.protectmichild.com.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Please click here for Memorandum from Govenor Snyder's office.

Fundraisers for Destiny LaPeer

ON-GOING - THERE WILL BE AN ON-GOING CAN DRIVE.  YOU CAN BRING YOUR EMPTY  CANS/BOTTLES TO THE CAR WASH OR DROP THEM OFF AT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.  (If the police department office is closed, just leave the cans/bottles outside the office door.) 
If you have any questions, call Gordon or Ginger Temple 548-4456.

No Bully Zone Orange Out


Please click here to be taken to a video 


of our first No Bully Zone Orange Out.


Inland Lakes Schools encourages students and staff to


wear Orange the 21st of each month in support of the No Bully Zone initiative.


Academic Honors Seniors ~ Class of 2015

Academic Honors Seniors ~ Class of 2015

Inland Lakes Schools seniors, who are graduating with top academic honors, were acknowledged at the Lions Club Senior Academic Achievement Dinner on May 13, 2015. The students who received honors this evening were:

Jacob Drogowski
Sadie Bunker
Allison Furst
Jacob Brendly
Rachel Stewart
Sophia Passino
Amber Northrup
John Hogue
Keahna DePauw
Dylan Mann
Lindsay Smeltzer
Chaz Oswald
Cody Bloom
Sarah Bruniquel
Jeremy Thompson-Chevalier (not pictured)
Isabelle Koppelman

Social Host Awareness Month

Inland Lakes Schools is partnering with Up North Prevention in declaring April as Social Host Awareness month.  We call upon all parents, citizens, homeowner and property owners to host gatherings responsibly and take measures to eliminate access of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.


Please click here to be taken to the full proclomation.

Pennies for Patients Competition

NHS is sponsoring at loose change drive to support the Pennies for Patients program.  


The school wide goal is $350.  


Please click here for more information.


Bridge Article on ILS


Please click here to be taken to the story.


Local Scholarships Are Available


All local scholarships are now posted on our Inland Lakes College and Career Website. 

All information is provided, if you have any questions please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Fairbanks, Dean of Students 231-238-6868 #9145.  

Please click the image to be taken directly to the College and Career Website.





Hats off to our "Jack of all trades" - Chuck Waldroup

Chuck Waldroup, our bus mechanic, was recently honored on bridgemi.com.


Please click here to read the post card regarding this ILS employee who is often taken for granted.


Thanks Chuck for your dedication and skills!



Elementary Christmas Program Link

Please click here to be taken to the taped coverage of the Elementary Christmas Program from December 18, 2014.  





Further Online info for Students and Parents

On-line learning is offered to all students 6- 12 at Inland Lakes Schools. We offer a wide variety of classes as outlined in the GradPoint course catalogue. For further information about enrolling in one or more of the online courses, please call or visit the secondary office: 231-238-6868.

Phone Messages Available by Text

The messages that are sent out from Inland Lakes Schools via our Phonedialer system are now available to be sent as text messages.  In order to receive these messages as a text you need to do two things.


1 - Give your cell phone number to the building secretary. If you have children at both schools, both secretaries will need the number.

2 - Opt in to receive text messages; here are the directions for doing that:




Text "join" (without the quotes) to 56360 from the phone you would like to receive the text messages.

Enter the short code 56360 into your phone's contact list as a contact from Inland Lakes Schools.


To opt out of receiving the text mesages, text "stop" (without the quotes) to 56360.

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