Driveway between Student Lot and Bus Garage Closed

The driveway between the student parking lot and the bus garage is now closed to all traffic except busses.  

This is a permanent solution to protect students who are using this driveway as a walkway between the elementary and the track.

Please use the exit onto S. Straits Hwy when leaving school grounds.

Starting off the new year, the journalism class will be publishing a news website which launched on Tuesday. Check it out at Keep updated with anything and everything going on at here at Inland Lakes, including sporting events, classes, and student life. The plan is to have students updates the website a couple times a week.
“No matter what day it is, there is always something going on at the school,” adviser Tim Morley said. “Our goal is to document that for the world to see.”

We highly encourage you to check it out weekly and stay involved.

JV Volleyball Onaway Tournament Champions


Congratulaitons to the Inland Lakes Schools Lady Bulldogs JV Volleyball Team.  


They are the Onaway Tournament Champions.  


Way to go Ladies!




ILS Varsity Cheer Camp

You may have seen that the ILS Varsity Cheer Team has been fundraising to get the cheer team to attend a summer cheer camp. They held car washes, bake sales, had a booth at SummerFest, and volunteered to help with LobsterFest. They were successful in reducing the cost of cheer camp for 19 girls from $260 to $35 each. The girls have been extremely grateful that they were able to afford to be a part of this experience. 
They attended Victory Cheer camp at Ferris State University this past Sunday through Tuesday. They even had three parents help with carpooling the team down and back to Big Rapids. The girls experienced living on a university campus in a dorm room, sharing a bathroom with suite mates from the team, eating in the cafeteria (some even saying they didn't want to leave because the food was so amazing), exploring campus and meeting other cheerleading teams from around the state of Michigan.
They are extremely excited for you to see what they have been working so hard on at upcoming football games. Erin Basgall has personally been working on making this program, along with the middle school program, become a success and a positive sport in our community.
Our first game is a home game on the 27th of August at 7:00pm
They have a Facebook page under the title of "Inland Lakes Varsity Cheer" . Please like their page for frequent updates and pictures of the program. They also have a
Thank you for your continued support!



OK2SAY encourages confidential tips on potential criminal activities or harm directed at students, school employees, and schools.  The program was launched on September 2, 2014.  We are very proud of the number of OK2SAY tips that the program has received and the success stories that resulted because a student had the courage to speak up. 

Please take a moment and review the positive impact for yourself at:


MSTEP Student Survery

Please click here to be taken to the student survey for MSTEP.

No Bully Zone Orange Out


Please click here to be taken to a video 


of our first No Bully Zone Orange Out.


Inland Lakes Schools encourages students and staff to


wear Orange the 21st of each month in support of the No Bully Zone initiative.


Academic Honors Seniors ~ Class of 2015

Inland Lakes Schools seniors, who are graduating with top academic honors, were acknowledged at the Lions Club Senior Academic Achievement Dinner on May 13, 2015. The students who received honors this evening were:
Jacob Drogowski
Sadie Bunker
Allison Furst
Jacob Brendly
Rachel Stewart
Sophia Passino
Amber Northrup
John Hogue
Keahna DePauw
Dylan Mann
Lindsay Smeltzer
Chaz Oswald
Cody Bloom
Sarah Bruniquel
Jeremy Thompson-Chevalier (not pictured)
Isabelle Koppelman

Bridge Article on ILS


Please click here to be taken to the story.


Hats off to our "Jack of all trades" - Chuck Waldroup

Chuck Waldroup, our bus mechanic, was recently honored on


Please click here to read the post card regarding this ILS employee who is often taken for granted.


Thanks Chuck for your dedication and skills!



Elementary Christmas Program Link

Please click here to be taken to the taped coverage of the Elementary Christmas Program from December 18, 2014.  





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