Transparency Reporting

Budget Information

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Section A - Board Approved Budget

2018-2019 Final Revised Budget
2019-2020 Original Budget

2019-2020 General Fund - Board Approved Final Budget

2020-2021 General Fund - Board Approved Budget

2020-2021 Amended Board Resolution

Section B - Summary of Expenditures - Expressed in Pie Chart

2018-2019 Personnel Expenditures
2018-2019 Operating Expenditures

2019-2020 Personnel Expenditures

2021-2022 Personnel Expenditures

Section C(i) - Collective Bargaining Agreements

2023-2024 Teaching Staff Contract

2023-2024 Support Staff Contract

Section C(ii) - Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

MESSA Choices II

Support Staff


​Support Staff



Marketplace Coverage Options

New Health Insurance Coverage Options

Section C(iii) - Audit Financial Statements

2016-2017 Audited Financials

2018-2019 Audited Financials

2019-2020 Audited Financials

2020-2021 Audited Financials

2021-2022 Audited Financials

2022-2023 Audited Financials

Section C(iv) - Medical Benefit Plan Bids

Teacher Benefit Plan Bids
Administration Benefit Plan Bids
Support Staff Benefit Plan Bids

Section C(v) - Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

Section C(vi) - Expense Reimbursement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Section C(vii) - Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

2021-2022 Statement of Reimbursed Expenses

Section D - Salary and Benefit Description of Superintendent and Employees with Salary Exceeding $100,000.

2017-2018 Compensation

2019-2020 Compensation

Section E - District Paid Association Dues

2018-2019 Association Dues and Memberships

2019-2020 Association Dues and Memberships

2021-2022 Association Dues and Memberships

Section F - District Paid Lobbying Costs

Inland Lakes School District spends no funds on lobbying or lobbying services.

Section G - Approved Deficit Elimination Plan

Inland Lakes School District  has not incurred a deficit.

Section H - District Credit Card Information

District Credit Card Information

Section I - District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information:

Inland Lakes School District has no out-of-state travel expenses.

Section J - Evaluations

Superintendent Evaluation Posting and Assurances
Teacher Evaluation Posting and Assurances
Administrator Evaluation Posting and Assurances​

Section K - AER Reporting

Elementary School Letter
Secondary School Letter
District Letter
District Report


Covid-19 Extended Learning Plan

ESSER/American Rescue Plan - MDE - Inland Lakes

Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Mitigating Learning Loss at Inland Lakes

Inland Lakes MI Kid Back on Track 23g

98c Learning Loss Plan

403b Master Agreement

American Rescue Plan    

MI School Data

Health Insurance

Marketplace Coverage Options

Summary of Insurance Benefits for Administrative and Teaching Staff

Summary of Insurance Benefits for Support Staff

Dependents over the Age of 25